Smart car technologies and more robust user interactivity is the forecast for the auto industry! Today every car produced has some kind of computer that controls a wide range of functions. As a driver and/or passenger in 2021 you can expect a more robust user interactivity experience in this new era of automation. 

Interactivity is the process of two people or things working together and influencing each other. The computer functions most drivers and/or passengers are familiar with are control GPS, cruise control, and vehicle temperature. The systems in today’s cars have increased the level of user interactivity available to drivers around the world.

Today, drivers can enter a destination into their GPS and even run a diagnostics assessment to identify any problems with the vehicle systems. User interactivity has characterized the way vehicles are designed and used.

Technologies like Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto allow users to enjoy the functionality of a phone without having to pick one up. In practice, this means that people will spend much less time looking at their phones as they’ll be able to interact with more robust networks.

As part of the focus on user interactivity, we are seeing manufacturers implementing features like Gesture control, a technology that enables users to take control of their radios through the use of hand gestures. 

If the increase in user interactivity and autonomous features has revealed anything, it’s that the automobile industry remains committed to the vision of the self-driving car. As autonomous systems take over, consumers will expect more user interactivity as they travel. 

How are you preparing to empower yourself in this new era of automation?

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