If your parents are still on the road, it’s important to ensure their vehicle maximizes safety and comfort. As drivers age several active safety features could be of much value to them. The more you can see from the driver’s seat and the more you’re aware of what’s around you, the safer you’re going to be as a driver.

The Hartford and AARP Driver Safety Report found that 77% of drivers 50+ with vehicle safety technology say it makes them feel more confident behind the wheel. So, let’s go over a few active safety features that the FeaturesFirst Auto senior community learns to engage with!

Side blind-zone alert detects when a vehicle is approaching from another lane and alerts the driver via blinking notifications on the side or rear-view mirror. This alert can prevent a driver from merging into another car and can notify a driver of a fast-approaching car in another lane.

Rear cross-traffic alert combines the functions of side blind-zone alert and rear automatic emergency braking. Rear cross-traffic alert can give you warning that a car is approaching from the side as you back out of a spot in a crowded parking lot or out of a driveway, where visibility might be restricted.

Rear camera which makes it easier to see behind you while in reverse, is a helpful tool for avoiding accidents.

It’s important to remember that technology isn’t enough. Drivers must understand the information that the technology is conveying, and process and respond to the information appropriately. 82% of drivers 50+ will purchase tech in their next car! 

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