What the heck is Human Machine Interface Technology? Titles have a funny way of scaring people, but I can guarantee you have connected with HMI technology before! Have you ever asked Alexa or Siri a question? Simply put, HMI is software that allows a human to interact with, control and get a response from a machine. 

We are now in a culture of connectivity, where human experiences and technology are merging. The automotive industry is no exception to this shift. As we continue to enjoy the luxuries of smartphone integrations and voice controlled navigation as we drive, HMI technology is also making vehicle safety functions better.

Some common examples of HMI technology are built-in braking (AEB) and parking sensors that provide safety features and prevent accidents. Newer technologies that are emerging have been developed to detect driver drowsiness and distraction and assist with driving.

As we move forward into 2021, awareness of these technologies is the most drastic behavioral change for drivers! Up until now, getting in your vehicle and having the basic understanding of how to operate the vehicle was enough. As the culture of transportation continues to evolve as new technologies enter the market, basic understanding will not cut it!

Empower yourself to become an early adopter of these technologies to drive safe and informed.

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