According to the National Safety Council report, May numbers mark the third-straight month that U.S. motorist were at higher risk of dying from a crash. As many are returning to work and school, transportation safety is a priority for a “new” normal! So, what does safe driving look like post a lockdown?

1. Slow Down!

Believe it or not, with fewer cars on the road more people are speeding! For some, it’s the wonderful cocktail and speed and an open road. We all can relate to the satisfaction of being “out”, but we must remember to obey the speed limits.

2. Eliminate Distractions!

Post lockdown, many of us are still “zooming” it out, even in the car! Most vehicles support a hands-free ride! Put those safety features to work for you! Even explore “safe driving mode” options when videoconferencing while driving!

3. Sanitize your vehicle!

Nearly all services can be cleaned with 70% isopropyl alcohol to be effective against the corona-virus according to the CDC. Remember ammonia based cleaners on touch screens can damage the anti-glare and anti-fingerprint coating! Do your part to prevent the spread by sanitizing your vehicle!

Vehicles in the future will need to be repaired less and understood more. Human error is responsible for 94% of all traffic accidents! We can all admit there are a few features we have no idea how to work in our vehicles! 

Discover more about these safety systems by joining our community and the Beta Collaborators! Empower yourself to drive safe and informed!