We are living in an era of remarkable progress in car safety! It is now conceivable for some car models to be virtually free of the risk of fatal injury in a typical road crash. The Road to Zero is a global initiative, that for the first time, so many organizations have collaborated to put forth a plan to address motor vehicle fatalities, which recently increased after years of decline. 

As safety becomes the primary focus in passenger cars, the announcement from The European Commission comes at no surprise! The European Commission has proposed all new cars to carry 11 new advanced safety features as standard from 2021. These features sound familiar, such as AEB, lane keep assist, distraction recognition technology, alcohol interlock installation facilitation, drowsiness and attention detection.

These safety features are expected to save lives of about 10,500 people while preventing about 60,000 serious injuries by 2030. Within the FeaturesFirst Auto community, we take our members on the journey to understand these automated automobile technologies. These systems will roll out; and there will be significant competition within the market! There is an even greater risk with the implementation of automated driving systems if provisions are not put into place to ensure effective and proper usage at the consumer level!

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