On August 19, 2020 the FeaturesFirst Auto team celebrated it’s community Beta Release 1.0! FeaturesFirst Auto is a comprehensive educational tool that makes it easy for consumers to connect to the technological features in their vehicle to drive safer and more informed! In 2019 FeaturesFirst Auto launched it’s Recall Campaign in collaboration with the Beta Collaborators!

As a Beta Collaborator you receive early access to our feature releases and exclusive event invites to celebrate the launch of products and services! The Beta Collaborators represent many brands, including Jaguar and Tesla! FeaturesFirst Auto is revolutionizing the way people buy and use their vehicles with safety in mind!

Vehicles in the future will need to be repaired less and understood more. Human error is responsible for 94% of all traffic accidents! We can all admit there are a few features we have no idea how to work in our vehicles! 

Discover more about these safety systems by joining our community and the Beta Collaborators! Empower yourself to drive safe and informed!