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Enhance existing knowledge, skills, or abilities until the response is automatic. Our learning solutions are focused on achieving excellence, not simply avoid errors.

Continuous Employee Training Services


  • ADAS Safety Feature Training
  •  Influencer Program (dealership program)
  •  ADAS Fleet Training (EV)
    ✓ Coach Drivers to help them improve
    ✓ Prevent collisions and reduce accident severity
    ✓ Improve compliance, safety, and accountability
    ✓  Lower operating costs and improve your bottom line


Talk with an expert to see how you can maximize the ROI of your ADAS systems.

Initially, driver acceptance is the primary hurdle for manufacturers and fleets looking to make the most use of their companies’ ADAS investment. Once drivers are on board, however, manufacturers and fleets face the opposite hurdle: overreliance on the technologies to keep them safe.

Scenario Examples:

1. Drivers looking down to text and waiting until the lane-departure alert goes off before they look up.

2. Drivers are letting the AEB system brake for them when they need to stop or slow down. Drivers learn to over-rely on technology to the detriment of their skills.

As more ADAS features roll out, drivers will need to be coached to adjust to combat complacency and inattention, as well as to keep their defensive driving skills sharp

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety estimates that advanced safety technologies, including lane-departure warning systems, automatic emergency braking, air disc
brakes, and video-based onboard safety monitoring systems, have the potential to
prevent up to 63,000 collisions a year.


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