Roads without traffic are safe, right? Not quite! According to the NSC, when many states ended three straight months of quarantine the number of miles driven remained 13% lower than the previous year, but death rates and number of deaths both skyrocketed! 

This is an indication that the lack of traffic did NOT make the roads safer! During this United for Infrastructure week, FeaturesFirst Auto is committed to empowering our community to drive safe and informed! 

Remember these tips to be sure you are driving safe:

  • Obey speed limits, even if roads are clear and traffic is light
  • Be aware of increased pedestrian and bicycle traffic, particularly in urban areas. Conversely, pedestrians and bicyclists should be careful as streets become congested again.
  • Join the community to learn how the automated driving systems in your vehicle can help you drive safe!

Discover more about the automated driving systems by joining our community! Empower yourself to drive safe and informed!