Privacy Policy


The purpose of this privacy policy is to clearly explain to our guests what data about you we collect and how it is used, as well as the actions we take to protect your data.


The information we collect about you includes all the information you voluntarily provide to us, as well as tracking your login, what pages you visit and what content you interact with or post. We do not collect credit card information directly, as all payments are processed through Braintree by PayPal, who is the sole collector and holder of credit card data.


The data we collect comes from your voluntary entries into registration, profile, payment and other data input forms on our website.

We additionally use cookies, small pieces of information stored locally on your computer or other access device, as a secondary source of data.


FeaturesFirst Auto collects the above information for the following purposes:

  • To communicate with you about your enrollment
  • To build and display user profiles on our site
  • To provide information specific to your vehicle
  • To improve the navigation of our site
  • To identify sites which link to our content
  • To identify site links our guests use regularly
  • To provide impression data to advertisers

FeaturesFirst Auto has no statutory or contractual right to request your data.

Cookies used by FeaturesFirst Auto are used only to provide site functionality and to provide ad impression data to advertisers.


FeaturesFirst Auto does not use any automated system for the purpose of profiling users or conducting automated decision-making regarding users.

We use your data to provide your public profile on our website, track your login session to keep you logged into the site, monitor what content you visit and to provide advertising impression data to advertisers.


All information provided to us is encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption or better when in transit between your device and our site, and when at rest in our site’s database. This means that your data is always unreadable once it is provided to us unless it is being actively used and accessed, which requires a private decryption key.

All data is stored on physically secured servers controlled by Amazon Web Services, and within data centers controlled by Amazon Web Services. Please visit their GDPR Center for additional information: https://aws.amazon.com/compliance/gdpr-center/

FeaturesFirst Auto retains your data until you request its deletion and does not have any scheduled data deletion policy.

Access control to your data is restricted through the user of usernames and passwords to our back-end database, which are only provided to FeaturesFirst Auto employees and contractors who are required to possess this information as a part of their duties for the company.


Data provided to FeaturesFirst Auto is separated into two types:

  • Personally identifiable information (PII), which is any information that could be used to trace you, your identity, your location or any other information that distinguishes you from other users of our site.
  • Non-personally identifiable information (non-PII), which is any information that cannot be used to trace you, your identity, your location, or information that by itself does not distinguish you from other users or of our site.

Your personally identifiable information (PII) is never shared with anyone outside of direct employees, officers or contractors of FeaturesFirst Auto, without your consent. With your consent, it will be shared with:

  • Automotive dealers in your area for the purpose of contacting you regarding your interest in vehicle services or purchase

Your non-personally identifiable information (non-PII) may be aggregated with the non-PII of other users and released as follows:

  • Potential investors to demonstrate interest and usage in our site to secure funding
  • To advertisers for the purpose of providing ad impression and revenue data


FeaturesFirst Auto believes that you are the owner of your data. At any time, you may contact us to withdraw consent for the acquisition of your personal data and/or request the complete deletion of your data from our systems. We process all requests promptly. Requests will result in the deletion of all personally identifiable information (PII) and all non-personally identifiable information (non-PII) which has not yet been aggregated with the data of other users.

FeaturesFirst Auto is unable to delete your non-personally-identifiable-information that has already been aggregated with the data of other users and included in any reports, usage data or information disclosures we have made to others prior to when we receive your request.


Questions or comments regarding your personal data and its usage are always welcome. We can be contacted at:

FeaturesFirst dba FeaturesFirst Auto


1050 Lakes Drive West Covina, Ca 91790

(323) 475-1110
URL Website


If you wish to file a complaint for FeaturesFirst’s use of your data or the response to any requests regarding your data, you are legally entitled to do so as follows:

In the United States: Please contact your state’s consumer protection office. A list of these can be found here: https://www.usa.gov/state-consumer

In the European Union: Please contact the European Data Protection Supervisor. Their complaint procedure can be found here: https://edps.europa.eu/node/75_en

In all other jurisdictions: Please reach out to us for guidance on the appropriate consumer or data protection organization for your locale.