Road to Zero is a collaboration focused on ending traffic fatalities—a leading cause of unintentional death—on our roadways by 2050. The goal is safe mobility for all people, and members will work to develop priorities; take action individually and collaboratively; and encourage partners and stakeholders to take action to meet the goal of eliminating traffic fatalities by 2050.

It might seem like a lofty goal, but key stakeholders believe it is possible. “Working together gives us our best chance to get to zero deaths by 2050,” says Lorraine Martin, president and CEO of the National Safety Council, which manages the Road to Zero initiative. “We have accepted roadway fatalities for too long. Using the strategies outlined in the Road to Zero report, we can eliminate these deaths and help Americans live their fullest lives.”

On September 10, 2020 FeaturesFirst Auto joined the Road to Zero Coalition, a partnership to end traffic fatalities by 2050.

FeaturesFirst Auto is an educational tool that educates drivers on the automated driving systems in their vehicle to drive safe and informed. Accidents are the #1 cause of workplace deaths!

 “An educated workforce can better protect themselves from the impacts of inexperienced driving! Join us as we put the driver back in the driver’s seat and technology as the passenger!” Lisa Bailey, CEO/Founder

Discover more about these safety systems by joining our community! Empower yourself to drive safe and informed!