In light of National Teen Driver Safety Week, the FeaturesFirst Auto team would like to ask the obvious question, “how are you preparing your teen to drive empowered and safe as vehicles become more automated?” Teen crashes most often occur due to inexperience! The reality is 94% of all traffic accidents are caused by “human error”! 

We are headed into a culture of connected vehicles where driver understanding will be crucial for all ages! Parents, the good ole methods of teaching your teen how to drive will need a major upgrade! It is prime time to become an “early adopter” to empower yourself! What does it mean to be an “early adopter“? It’s quite simple, make a commitment to learn about the safety features that contribute to reducing collisions and distracted driving in your vehicle and of course increase your engagement!

The FeaturesFirst Auto Academy is dedicated to teaching each generation about automated driving systems to increase early adoption and engagement. As a member of the Road to Zero Coalition, FeaturesFirst Auto is dedicated to eliminating traffic deaths by 2050. We strongly believe that this program will empower the Gen Z generation as well, improving motor vehicle safety for generations to come. We have a lots of fun with our Gen Z “Beta Collaborators”!

Newer technologies that promote a greener earth will become the new standard. Empower yourself to become an early adopter of these technologies to drive safe and informed by joining the FeaturesFirst Auto community!

Discover more about the automated driving systems by joining our community! Empower yourself to drive safe and informed!