Connected cars are beginning to become mainstream and there is much needed discussion to be had about cybersecurity. Most new vehicles include a host of features that require a online connection, which include GPS, lane-keep assist, collision avoidance and certain infotainment systems. As these features provide both safety and convenience to drivers, there is much consideration needed for consumer privacy and security. 

What is the current state of cybersecurity in connected vehicles?

Cybersecurity is currently unstandardized in the automotive industry. According to a report by the Ponemon Institute, software security is moving at a much slower pace than technology in the industry, with only 10 percent of automakers having an established cybersecurity team. 

What is the role of automakers in improving cybersecurity?

Any software vulnerabilities could threaten the safety of connected car systems and features, putting the users information at risk as well as their physical safety. As such, automakers need to adopt a cybersecurity culture that not only addresses the obvious exposures in their vehicle’s software, but other hidden vulnerabilities that could arise from third-party components in their vehicles. 

What regulatory changes in cybersecurity are needed?

California now requires autonomous cars to meet industry standards for cybersecurity. The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) is also finalizing it’s regulations on cybersecurity and software updates, making cybersecurity a requirement for future vehicle sales. The UNECE regulation is seen as the beginning of a new age of technical compliance regulation that addresses the increase of software and connectivity in the automotive industry. 

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