Believe it or not autonomous technology is benefiting you in ways that may not be seen! Have you ever experienced not understanding the value of something until it was gone? In 2020, the global supply chain experienced an unbalancing that was felt in the entire system. The entire nation has developed a global level of appreciation for a well oiled supply chain after 2020! As the world is rebuilding the supply chain, autonomous technologies are providing efficiency where there once was chaos!

Continental, a leading supplier of autonomous vehicle technologies, has developed a state-of-the-art, autonomous transport vehicle to further increase the efficiency of its own production. How effective do you think this technology would be without the Continental engineers successfully understanding how to interact with the vehicle?

Much like manufacturing and distribution, drivers play a significant role in the automotive supply chain! As technology advances providing more safety benefits to the driver, the level of awareness required by the driver increases. Did you know the majority of vehicles on the road today are equipped with ADAS systems equivalent to level 1 autonomy?

In order for the community of travel to see the safety benefits of autonomous vehicle technologies, driver understanding of what the technology is, what it is doing and what will happen next must improve! The safety needs of the driver evolves as new autonomous vehicles technologies enter the market. FeaturesFirst Auto is effectively introducing positive experiences in the rapidly emerging automotive markets in the United States, promoting safer cars together with safer road users!

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