Did you know more than 35,000 people die in vehicle-related crashes in the U.S. each year. On top of that, auto emissions contribute to 70,000 annual pollution-related deaths, and are among the largest contributors to climate change. That’s why FeaturesFirst Auto is bringing awareness for cars that are safer, pollute less, and run more efficiently.

There has been significant technological breakthroughs promising new conveniences and safety improvements for drivers in 2021. Automatic emergency breaking with pedestrian detection and blind spot monitoring are key active safety systems that drivers should seek on their next vehicle. Policymakers are collaborating with the thought leaders in the automotive industry to make these active safety features standard on all new cars. As a driver in 2021, this will make it easy for you to get these potentially lifesaving features.

Research by AAA shows that 96 percent of 2020 models had at least one advanced driver assistance system. ADAS systems provide clear safety benefits to the driver and others on the road. These active safety features also provide a level of efficiency to the role of the driver. The reality is, humans can be distracted at any moment while driving. ADAS systems are able to be a second pair of eyes while performing a very important tasks like driving.

How important is efficiency to you? Battery electric vehicles are very efficient, and most newer models have enough range to satisfy the needs of a typical driver for multiple days without fully recharging. 

  • EVs produce no particulate or smog-causing tailpipe emissions, which are a significant contributing factor in causing asthma and other air pollution-related illnesses.

  • EVs have lower carbon emissions than gasoline powered vehicles over their service life.

The reality is car safety and efficiency are at the forefront of the transportation industry and how you prepare yourself for this shift matters. The behavioral changes that drivers can expect owning an electric vehicle matters! Recharging your electric vehicle and developing a best practice will be a new behavior for drivers. Starting to get into this mindset of where you charge, when you charge, do you use this slow charger or the fast charger, matters.

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