As vehicles become more automated, how does the role of the driver change?

Awareness of specified technologies is the most drastic behavioral change for drivers! Up until now, getting in your vehicle and having the basic understanding of how to operate the vehicle was enough. As the culture of transportation continues to evolve as new technologies enter the market, basic understanding will not cut it!

Stated perfectly by Deputy James Owens, NHTSA Deputy Administrator“The more information the public has about the on-road testing of automated driving systems, the more they will understand the development of this promising technology.”

Tools such as the AV tracking tool gives drivers the ability to find information about on-road testing of automated vehicles in 17 cities throughout the United States. The AV tool also allows drivers to find out information about a company’s on-road testing and safety performance, the number of vehicles in its fleet as well as AV-related legislation or policy in specific states.

Empower yourself to become an early adopter of these technologies to drive safe and informed.

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