Congratulations to our founder, Lisa Bailey for winning the WBENC NextGen Pitch Intensive Live Pitch Competition! FeaturesFirst Auto is a consumer information tool that aims to improve motor vehicle safety through an interactive software application that teaches each generation about automated driving systems to increase engagement and early adoption.

I am so honored that the vision of FeaturesFirst Auto is unfolding before the world! Thank you WBENC for creating this opportunity for millennial women to have “many” seats at the corporate table!” – Lisa, Founder/CEO

FeaturesFirst Auto is focused on the driver’s role as vehicles become more automated. Consumer understanding will be crucial to the success of these technologies. FeaturesFirst Auto has become the Trusted Information Source for how and why drivers can use these new technologies that contribute to improving motor vehicle safety.

The culture of transportation and newer technologies that promote a greener earth will become the new standard. Empower yourself to become an early adopter of these technologies to drive safe and informed by joining the FeaturesFirst Auto community!

Discover more about the automated driving systems by joining our community! Empower yourself to drive safe and informed!