FeaturesFirst Auto is bringing the tech to the streets to cut the noise and simplify information! As the world is witnessing a global shift, the automotive industry is no exception to this shift! The rise of electric vehicles and autonomous mobility systems is here to stay! 

FeaturesFirst Auto is focused on the driver’s role as vehicles become more automated. Consumer understanding will be crucial to the success of these technologies! FeaturesFirst Auto has become the Trusted Information Source for how and why drivers can use these new technologies that contribute to improving motor vehicle safety.

Through an interactive mobile app, FeaturesFirst Auto engages it’s community with services like “Timely Recalls”. In September 2019, FeaturesFirst Auto launched it’s Timely Recall Initiative highlighting the importance of timely recall notifications and the driver’s role in the success of mitigating the risks associated with a recall! 

Every community member registers their vehicle to receive recall notifications, in REAL TIME, every time a recall is issued by the NHTSA that affects their vehicle! Searching for a vehicle online that actually aligns with your personality and lifestyle can be very draining! The FeaturesFirst Auto Customized Auto Search Tool is the perfect match for a personality and lifestyle driven search!

Most importantly, community members learn from the FeaturesFirst Academy how to drive safe and informed now and in the future! The culture of transportation and newer technologies that promote a greener earth have become the new standard. Empower yourself to become an early adopter of these technologies to drive safe and informed by joining the FeaturesFirst Auto community!

Discover more about the automated driving systems by joining our community! Empower yourself to drive safe and informed!