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We are dedicated to educating our members of the vehicle they drive and how to become well informed drivers. We offer a unique experience that better connects you to the technological features in your car.

Meet Our Founder

Lisa Bailey

As a millennial brown woaman in tech, Lisa Bailey is dedicated to providing a resource that will teach her generation and her children’s generation how to connect and engage in the new world of technology. With over 15 years of experience in healthcare and technology Business Development, Lisa has had the honor of being recognized as a powerful, high-level executive among my peers.

Lisa is an avid supporter of women-owned businesses as an advisory board member for the Women’s Business Enterprise Council NextGen chapter. Her philanthropy efforts can be seen in healthcare and technology organizations that support community and small business growth.

As a Corporate Risk Mitigator, Lisa’s focus is to reduce risk and ensure compliance utilizing lean strategies to implement profitable strategies that scale businesses. Her areas of expertise include improving company culture, increase community engagement, process improvement, improve customer engagement, implement team retention strategies, financial literacy, building a successful diverse business and so much more!

Out of her own frustration of finding valuable resources in the new connected world, Lisa launched FeaturesFirst. As the voice of the consumer herself, Lisa was looking for a solution in the market that brought order out of the chaos and fear that she felt about automation and AI taking the wheel. FeaturesFirst is creating resources for the automotive, healthcare, and home industries that will simplify technology to be understood by non-technical consumers and meaningfully used.

Our Story

Over the Years






Our Mission

Our mission is to bring order to the chaos and fear consumers feel about autonomous vehicle technologies by simplifying information, bridging driver understanding gaps, and effectively introducing positive experiences in the rapidly emerging automotive markets in the United States to promote safer cars, together with safer road users.

Our Goal

Build an in-vehicle educational tool that will properly onboard drivers to the safety technologies at work in their vehicle to increase consumer adoption and meaningful use.

Established Beta User Team in Chino, Los Angeles, and San Diego Ca


Private Software Beta Release


WBENC NextGen Corporate Pitch Winner


International Women’s Day Data 360/Google Pitch Winner


Launched Business Partnership Program


Launched consumer online learning courses


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1050 Lakes Drive West Covina, Ca 91790

(323) 475-1110 


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