If you have not been updated, automated vehicle safety systems are a hot topic among the thought leaders of the transportation industry in 2021! As automated vehicle safety systems become standard, there is much foundation to be laid to ensure adequate transparency during the rulemaking phase. 

Did you know that your voice is be requested? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is giving the public an additional two months to comment on its advance notice of proposed rulemaking regarding automated vehicle safety. NHTSA is seeking comments on the manner in which the framework can be administered, specifically consumer information, regulation and guidance.

FeaturesFirst Auto believes that appropriate consumer training on the safe and efficient use of these systems is critical to the safety of the drivers, passengers, and other roadway users while the ADS equipped vehicle operates on the roadway. In order for the community of travel to see the safety benefits of autonomous vehicle technologies, driver understanding of what the technology is, what it is doing and what will happen next must improve! 

Did you know the majority of vehicles on the road today are equipped with ADAS systems equivalent to level 1 autonomyThe safety needs of the driver evolves as new autonomous vehicles technologies enter the market. FeaturesFirst Auto is effectively introducing positive experiences in the rapidly emerging automotive markets in the United States, promoting safer cars together with safer road users!

FeaturesFirst Auto has become a trusted source of information for drivers in 2021. Let your voice be heard in federal decision making! Comments can be made at the Regulations.gov website by entering Docket No. NHTSA-2020-0106. LL